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Finding that special person is a challenge for everyone. And we’ve heard that it’s extra difficult for nice guys. If you are one of those guys, we’ve got some tips that should work for you:

1. Resist the urge to be clingy Some nice guys may come off as clingy and if you’re a nice guy doing this, maybe you should tone it down a little. When you meet a woman, your initial communications are crucial and it’s important that you don’t overwhelm or suffocate a new love interest. Although you may have good intentions at heart, many women are not attracted to men who need an overwhelming amount of attention.

2. Let feelings develop naturally Admitting feelings for a girl very early when she is clearly not interested is not the best way to make her fall in love with you. You have to take your time because you can’t force a woman to fall in love with you by suffocating her.

3. Don’t try too hard to be someone else Trying too hard to impress a woman is not healthy because you can’t possibly keep up the act forever. She might fall for that false persona you create rather than the real you.

4. Build some confidence For some nice guys it’s their lack of self-confidence that keeps them from getting women and believe it or not, women can smell insecurity from a mile away just as well as men can. Once you build your confidence, you’ll feel more comfortable letting your full personality shine through and you’ll ultimately be more attractive to women in the long run.

5. Be mindful of the women you chase To their detriment, some nice guys have a habit of chasing after women who like the ‘bad boys’. Unfortunately, in the end, with this type of woman, you’re probably going to lose. You will most likely get your heart broken in your efforts to show this kind of woman a real, amazing, and healthy love. 

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