Sunday , January 24 2021

A Nigerian Soldiers allegedly assault a lady for refusing to greet them

Assault to a lady

Officers of the Nigerian Army allegedly physically assaulted a lady because she refused to greet them,

Soldiers allegedly assault lady because she refused to greet them


The lady simply identified as Olaide Oluwo has taken to social media to demand justice after she was allegedly assaulted by Nigerian Army personnel in Sangotedo, Lagos on Wednesday, November 25.

According to a video shared online, Olaide said she was assaulted by the military personnel because she did not greet them

”This happened to me around 5pm. I did nothing to these people ..I didn’t even look at them until one of them flogged me ! I was walking and this guy insulted me ran after me and then flogged me with koboko! When people confronted them they said it’s cuz I didn’t greet them”

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