Saturday , January 23 2021
A yoruba Nigerian asked a herbalist to make someone mad

Nigerian man abroad tells herbalist to make woman, her children go mad. (Video)

A Nigerian man abroad has been caught on video telling a herbalist in Nigeria to make a woman and her children in his family to go mad.

Nigerian Man asked herbalist to make someone mad

The man who was walking on a subway could be heard in the video speaking the Yoruba language in his conversation with the herbalist.

He however thought no one around him understood the language and spoke boldly with the other person at the end of the phone.

Unfortunately for him, another man who understands Yoruba was walking behind him and after hearing it is an evil conversation quickly started recording him from behind.

He could be heard saying,

“the last one you did for me didn’t work, yet I spent a lot on it. This time, I want you to finish the woman’s life and her children. I want them to be acting insane.”

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  1. People are so bad. What a destruction.

  2. Hmmmm… You are even in a better country, still you want to kill others whom are just managing themselves. This man wicked die!!

  3. Okay oo… They wicked ones shall see their doom also.

  4. It’s just too bad how someone can wake up with evil in their minds, sleep with evil in their minds and also manifest it during the day. May God help us from the evildoers

  5. Na you dey abroad, na you dey fight case wey dey Nija. Opor oo

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