Saturday , February 27 2021
Avoid Anyone Who Gives You This Kind Of Handshake

Anyone Who Gives You This Kind Of Handshake Avoid them Because This Is What It Means.

There is this handshake that some people use to give others while majority of them did not know the meaning, this is the picture of the handshake below, this type of handshake is a handshake whereby someone use one of his finger to rub the middle of another person palm. This type of handshake is not good because God didn’t support it. So avoid it. See the picture of the type of handshake am talking about below.

This type of handshake is called “handgasm”, if someone rub their finger on your palm while shaking hands with you, it means they want to have some pleasure with you on bed, God does not support fornication so you should avoid that kind of handshake. My advise for you is to stay away from anyone who gives you that kind of handshake.

Shaking of hand is a very common means of greeting each other in almost every part of the world, either ladies or men, we all like to greet each other by shaking each other hand.

People greet each other by shaking each other hand either in schools, business companies, communities, even churches, homes and all other place. These are the pictures of people shaking their hands in a common and proper way.

This type of handshake below is a sign of peace, unity, respect and love. It is the only proper and good handshake for greeting each other.

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