Saturday , November 28 2020
natural hair remedy Credit:Pulse News
natural hair remedy Credit:Pulse News

Are you struggling to style your natural hair? Try one of these

Rocking either short or long natural hair can sometimes be a burden when it comes to styling.

I mean, natural hair wasn’t really our thing until a few years ago when we no longer could deal with the constant harsh treatment we were getting from relaxers and all sort of other products we used to soften and moisten our hair.

However, rocking natural hair, to our amazement has been fun and pretty but truth is, it sometimes is a burden when we get stuck on how to style this natural beauty (either long or short, full or scanty, dark or coloured).

Well, thanks to a good number of natural hair stylists, we don’t have to go through that stress anymore. Here are some incredible ways you can style your natural hair turning it into a natural beauty.about:blank

1. Twist and scarf updo

This is one chic way to rock your natural hair. This style goes with pretty much any look you choose to.

Twist and scarf updo is an intricate looking style that you can do easily, you can twist up the front of your hair when you put the back into an updo. Then tie a scarf around your hair to finish the look.

2. Bantu knot updo

For a long natural hair, the Bantu knot is another gorgeous way to rock your hair beauty.

Put the knot in an updo with a cute scarf or you could ignore the scarf if you want. There you go!

3. Chunky twist out

This natural hairstyle is meant for all kinds of natural hair (long or short).

Twist out are best achieved when your hair is moisturized.

4. Sponge twist

This natural hair style can be done using a sponge with holes in it to get super cute twists at a fraction of the time it would take if you palmed.

5. French braids

This natural hair fabulous style is a good way to manage your hair and look chic and stylish while at it.

6. High bun

For works, weddings, dates and any other event, high bun fits into all giving you the effortless yet stylish look you desire.

With the right pins and gel, you can achieve the bun look for your natural hair.

7. Twist

Twist is one of the popular hairstyles for naturalistas. Twist are versatile and go well with any length of natural hair. You can either pack it or leave it.

8. Afro

Who can ever ignore the beauty of Afro?

Traditional afro is our expressive and simple way to style natural hair.

9. Extensions

If you don’t have the length or thickness you desire, just create it.

You could go for natural hair extensions to achieve the gorgeous natural hair look of your choice.

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