Saturday , November 28 2020
Growing beard Credit:Guardian news
Growing beard Credit:Guardian news

Beard culture… Onyii Bekeh, Shitta Bey, others promote trend in Nigeria

Beard Gang

The World Beard Day, celebrated yearly on the first Saturday of September, has been gaining traction lately. The Day is all about promoting and elevating the global status of the beard.

However, not many Nigerians have identified with the day. They still associate beard with gender and age, where men see strands of hair around their chin as a symbol of growth into manhood. It usually comes with some machismo, and a sense of maturity and responsibility.

To change the narrative, Jameson Irish Whiskey through its local extension Jameson Nigeria (JN), is championing a new beard culture in the country that takes cognizance of the international perspectives. Thus, it took this year’s celebration of the event in the country a notch higher by ensuring that not only bearded brothers and beard enthusiasts told their stories with grandeur but also females. The brand enlisted top female influencers like Onyii Bekeh, Aduke Shitta Bey and Uche Odoh to drive the integration message home. The campaign also included bite-size videos like What If, Vox Pop and Beard Talk.

The brand also examined men who wear beards and the general conception of the world through an emotionally compelling mini-documentary titled, ‘More Than A Beard.’ It reiterated the brand’s position in echoing the voices of millions of individuals, especially the bearded brothers, while granting them support and recognition in the alternative space.

The event also featured a photo session, which was curated by renowned photographer, Emmanuel Oyeleke, while bearded brothers were given an opportunity to create and share their portrait stories.

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