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intelligent kids Source:Opera News
intelligent kids Source:Opera News

Best Age To Give Birth If You Want To Have Intelligent Children that will sharpen intellectualism.

Have Intelligent Children

Couples Are you planning to have an early baby? This is of course the wish of all parents and maybe after a long wait they will have smart kids.

   But does your age play an important role in determining a child’s age?

   For believers, we know that only God determines a child’s intelligence because it is the creator.

   Others believe that a child’s intelligence is passed from generation to generation, from parent to parent.

   It should also be noted that the mother’s age plays a role in determining the intelligence level of the child.

   A study done at the London School of Economics followed at least 18,000 British children for a long time to determine the effect of maternal age on their growth and development.

   The results show that many people mistakenly believe that having a baby in their twenties will make their baby super smart.

   Research results published in the Journal of the Science of Social Biology and Biology show that babies born to mothers in their 30s are lighter than children in their 20s and 40s.

   Research shows that babies born by women in their late 30s are smarter and score higher than babies born by women in their 20s or 40s.

   Other studies suggest that a woman’s ideal age to give birth is when she’s 34 years old. It turns out that by this age, marriage or relationships are stable, most women are in a state of extreme stability and can give birth. Essential in terms of nutrition and health, plays an important role in children’s brain development.

   “A woman giving birth to her first child at 34 is probably 14 years younger than a woman giving birth at 18,” said Professor John Mirowski, research head at the National Institute of Aging and the Institute of Health. National Psychiatry, said.

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