Tuesday , January 19 2021
Bolt Driver falls in love with his passenger Lady

Lady shows how she started dating her Bolt driver

Driver Dating

A Lady has taken to social media to share the interesting story of how she met and started dating her Bolt driver.

Lady reveals how she began dating her Bolt driver
Bolt Driver Dating :Twitter

According to @Mokeji5, sometime in November, she was out and forgot there was a curfew in Edo state. After getting punished by the soldiers, she decided to put up in a hotel nearby until the next day.

According to her, the next morning, she requested a ride from a hailing cab app, Bolt. She said by the time the driver ended the trip, she decided that he was hers and made the move on him.

She said;

Had to put up in a hotel. So the next morning, I requested bolt and he was my driver. We didn’t talk all through the ride home. At a point, I played songs from my phone and he vibed. Naso I take decide say this one na my own o lol. Got to my house and asked if I could text him..

cause I like him and he was like “okay let me give you my WhatsApp number”. That was how we started lol . I really hope it ends well

How it all stated :Twitter

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