Tuesday , January 19 2021
breakup massage between a lady and her boyfriend
breakup massage between a lady and her boyfriend

for earning N35,000 salary-A Nigerian lady has broken up with her boyfriend of 2years after he mocked her.


This is so sad, According to the woman, she was out with her boyfriend, his friends and their girlfriends. During the outing, they were discussing places to visit as part of their holiday plans.

She then mentioned she would like to go to a popular restaurant in Lagos but her boyfriend laughed and said, “with your 35k salary?”

The statement made everyone to laugh at her in her present and she felt humiliated and later told him how his words made her feel.

However, her boyfriend told her she was overreacting and she ended up breaking up with him.

Meanwhile the lady wants to know if her boyfriend was right and she overreacted like he said.

See screenshots of the texts below.


info source: Laila’s News

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  1. That is bad of the guy. He will still repeat something like that if you get back together.

  2. That boy doesn’t love you @ all. It was bad of him

  3. I have been going through your blog for quite sometime now, it’s really unique and different from others. So interesting and educative. I will definitely share to friends. Keep it up.

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