Thursday , January 28 2021
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Canada a country with a vision defined.

Welcome to Canada a land of equal

Immigration will be key to Canada’s COVID-19 economic recovery (Canadian health scheme)

Canadian hospital management

Payette outlined four foundations of the government’s plan during the new session of Parliament

1) Fight the pandemic and save lives;
2) Support people and businesses through the crisis for as long as it lasts. Whatever it takes, protecting the health of Canadians is best for the economy;
3) Build back better to build a stronger Canadian economy;
4) Stand up for who we are as Canadians. A country that is welcoming, that celebrates two official languages, promotes gender equality, and reconciles with Indigenous peoples.

Immigration will be key to supporting Canada’s COVID-19 economic recovery said Payette. She noted:-

Immigration remains a driver of Canada’s economic growth. With other countries rejecting global talent that could help their economy, Canada has an opportunity as we recover to become the world’s top destination for talent, capital, and jobs. When people choose Canada, help build Canada, and make sacrifices in support of Canada, we should make it easier for them to formally become Canadian…As part of both the short-term economic recovery and a long-term plan for growth, the Government will leverage the advantage we have on immigration to keep Canada competitive on the world stage.

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  1. CANADA!! My home. A blessed country. Far better than the US.

  2. This country is fucking good but it’s not easy to get a Visa there, talk more of becoming a Canadian. Anyone who is there is indeed blessed.

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