Saturday , February 27 2021


Just now See What A Man Said Access Bank Did To His Wife Who Came To Close Her Bank Account

Closure of Account Credit:Opera

Access Bank Account The issues of CBN freezing account got many Nigerians angry especially after it emerged that account which were being frozen were those that participated in the End SARS campaign. Aftermath of this event, Nigerians on social media promised to boycott banks that were involved (Access Bank) and that is already happening as a man took …

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Please Check If You Applied For The NYIF Programme And Haven’t Received This Message, Please Read This

Check if u applied Credit:Opera

The NYIF Programme “Please Read If You Applied For The NYIF Programme And Haven’t Received This Message, Please Read This” (See Details Below) The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) have started sending Emails in batches for Virtual Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (known as V-YEP). The Virtual Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (V-YEP) is an e-learning platform aimed at equipping Nigerian youths with …

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Now People Are Already Getting Implants In Their Hands To Replace Credit Cards In Sweden

RFID Implant Credit:Opera

Hands To Replace Credit Cards In Sweden Just today A whole lot of individuals in Sweden have already resorted to implanting microchips into their skin to perform daily activities therefore replacing credit cards and cash. People numbering over 4,000 have had the microchip which is about the size of a grain of …

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The 5 new steps you can take right now to stay safer online and carry out your online Transactions without fear.

Avoid cyber attack Credit:Komando

online safety Steps The FBI recently reported a 400% increase in cyberattack complaints received since the start of the pandemic. If you haven’t given your devices and accounts a security checkup, now’s the time to do it. Precautions like two-factor authentication and strong passwords are good places to start, but there …

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Recent OPINION: All Banks, Schools, Market and Worship Places Should Be Close For a Month in These 3 States

Another prospective lockdown Credit:Opera News

Banks, Schools, Market and Worship Places for few months all over the world, in Nigeria It has been four months since the Federal Government of Nigeria eased the total lockdown that was initially imposed all over the country to contain the spread of coronavirus. This was agreed by the FG …

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Be smart -Scam Alert: If You are Using POS to Withdraw Money, Please Do These 8 Things for Security Reasons

Point of Sale POS Credit:Opera News

POS Withdrawal The POS Machine is a small technology of Automatic Teller Machine, ATM that banks are providing for agents to be using to withdraw money for people to make life easy for them. But we have some Fraudsters among POS agents that are using this opportunity to defraud their …

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Be careful Scam Alert: If You are Using BVN to Apply for Loan, Please, Check These 3 Things for Security Reason

Bank Verification Credit:Opera News

BVN Technology has made Lending of Money easy and the more technology keeps advancing the more it keeps doing us harm but most people don’t know. We now have many online platforms where you can easily input your bank details to borrow money from them, once you refuse to return …

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