Sunday , January 17 2021


See the percentage of women that cheat on their husbands in Nigeria according to this TikToker

percentage of woman that cheats in Nigeria is high

Women that cheat on their husbands a Tiktok video has gone viral after a tiktoker listed eight countries with a percentage of married man who cheat on their husband. In the video the man mention eight different countries with the highest of women cheating on their husband. According to the …

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James Brown reacts to his IG account being deactivated after his fight with Bobrisky

James Brown and Bobrisky quarells

Nigerian cross dresser James Brown has reacted after his official Instagram page was deactivated by Instagram. This happened few hours after he called out fellow cross dresser as he alleged that Bobrisky threatened him. However, Bobrisky has since denied his claimed but admitted that he blocked James in all social …

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Blessing Okoro-“Without side chick, some marriage would have been long dead”

Side chick to some extents help in keeping the home

Nigerian Relationship expert Blessing Okoro said without side chick some marriages would have been long dead. The controversial relationship blogger said that some side chicks has made married women to sit up.She added that without side chicks, some women will turn palliatives in their husband’s house. Blessing Okoro However, some …

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