Wednesday , November 25 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen

Please Ladies “Do not split the bill with a man” popular lesbian, Amara advises women and gives her reason

Bill splitting my couples Credit:Lindaikeji

popular lesbian, Amara advices A well-known Nigerian Lesbian Amara explained that men make more money because they have more power in society, therefore they should keep paying the bulk of the bills until there’s a balance in earning power. She wrote: “Do not split bill with a man. Not yet. …

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You have to know that Men are Hyenas, cheat by default -Daddy Freeze on 9ice infidelity

Men cheaters by default Image Source:Google

Men as Cheaters by default The singer also asked fans to beg on his behalf, describing his wife as his backbone. Reacting, Daddy Freeze said men cheat by default. He, however, noted that it is in the hands of husband and wife to prevent it. He also admitted that 9ice …

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Ladies Reason Why your man’s side chick is not your problem

Overcoming side chick issues Credit:Pulse

Women who would rather rage at the mistress instead of the man are justified or just messed up? Please Remember Cheating is nothing new; and as sad as it is to admit, one still has to concede that its occurrence has now become so commonplace that it no longer shocks anyone. …

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“I think its Time to start questioning our parents” Denrele says as he meets and poses with his doppelganger (photos)

Denrele look alike Credit:Google

Question your parents Denrele Edun met his doppelganger and they organised a photoshoot together. The media personality’s lookalike is Tobi Yeye-Irojah. Both men took to their respective  Instagram accounts to share the photos they took together. In his caption, Denrele wrote, “Time to start questioning our parents.” He added: “What do you think of …

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This is a school of thought If you are a Man, Here Are Reasons Why Men Die Earlier Than Woman (A study by Austin Briggs)

men die earlier than women Credit:Opera

Men live their lives for women In recent years Many have wondered why this record has always been in favour of women. In this article, we want to tell you why men die earlier than women. Source:google This list of things are responsible for high blood pressure and sudden death …

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The basic things girls only do when they have feelings for you, number 6 is funny

A girl in love Credit:Opera

Girls love code If a girl has feelings for you, she will only do these 10 things. 1. She will want to be around you. Source:google Any girl won’t want to be around you if it is not that She has special feelings for you. A girl that has feelings …

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Please guys this is How to know if a lady is a liability or an asset

Ladies and Liabilities Credit:Laila

Words by Reno Omokri The Nigerian Controversial relationship expert Reno Omokri has disclosed how a man could know if a lady he is with is either a liability or an asset. Source:Google Taking to his Instagram page, Reno Omokri wrote on the 7 red flags that the man should look …

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This is What to do if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you

know your partner Credit:Pulse

If for any reason you ever suspect your partner of cheating, these are some of the best steps to take. So if you ever find yourself suspecting your partner of cheating on you or getting close to doing so, what and what are the next steps to take? Why are …

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Watch the video of a Man excited as girlfriend showers him with 30 gifts for his 30th birthday

A surprised gift from a girl friend Credit:Laila

Girlfriends gift, awww so romantic The boyfriend, identified only as Jamel we can tell was pleasantly surprised after his woman showered him with 30 gifts for the forthcoming birthday. Day 1 of 30 #birthday #30th #dirty30 #TickTock— Follow My Instagram (@TheJamelShow) November 15, 2020 Jamel’s birthday is in 30 …

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A Nigerian tailor sews dress that can be worn in six different ways, she is so talented

Its called tailoring science Credit:Laila

Talented tailor Her skill and technical prowess has been praised by many. Share Taking to her Twitter page @just_oyinda has displayed great creativity with her craft as she showcased a multi-functional dress she made. Twitter users praised her in their hundreds as they admired the stylish piece. Modelling her cloth, the lady …

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