Tuesday , March 9 2021

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Be conversant with Full Meaning Of BAE, KISS, DATE, GIF, TBH, OTP, GOAT And Other Internet Slangs You Don’t Know

be educated about abbreviations on the internet Credit:Opera

Internet Slangs Slangs or acronyms like LOL, BAE ASAP, KISS, can be seen in almost all our informal messages with, friends, families or any other people closer to us. So on this article, I’ll be listing out some common slangs we use in our day-to-day activities and I’ll be explaining …

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So strange Celebrity Pretty Mike: attends Williams Uchemba’s wedding with an entourage of heavily pregnant women (video/photo)

pregnant baby mamas Credit:Laila

Pretty Mike The controversial club owner referred to the women as his “6 baby mothers to be”. Pretty Mike reportedly showed up at Williams Uchemba’s wedding with 6 pregnant women. pic.twitter.com/sIFolRCqqv— Akpraise (@AkpraiseMedia) November 21, 2020 Source:Twitter and Akpraise This isn’t his first time Pretty Mike is being controversial while …

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Just now See What A Man Said Access Bank Did To His Wife Who Came To Close Her Bank Account

Closure of Account Credit:Opera

Access Bank Account The issues of CBN freezing account got many Nigerians angry especially after it emerged that account which were being frozen were those that participated in the End SARS campaign. Aftermath of this event, Nigerians on social media promised to boycott banks that were involved (Access Bank) and that is already happening as a man took …

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