Sunday , January 17 2021


Maintaining interpersonal relationships with family after marriage is important.

The beauty of relationship and family is unexplainable

Romantic relationships are interpersonal, as well as those of family members and friends. There’s also such a thing as secondary interpersonal relationships. These include acquaintances, neighbours, and others who you interact with on a regular basis. In short, you have some kind of interpersonal relationship with everyone you know. Whether you’re married …

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“If a guy tells you he has a girlfriend, still go ahead” – Woman advises as she’s set to marry a man who had a girlfriend when they met

Ladies still try him even if he has a girlfriend, he might still prefer you

A couple’s love story has raised eyebrows on social media after the lady advised women to go for a man they love even if the man tells them he is in a relationship. The lady shared the story of how she met her husband on Instagram and how the man …

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