Tuesday , October 27 2020


20 Most Common Marriage Problems Faced by Married Couples,Take Note.

marriage problems Credit:marriage.com

There are many common problems in married life and a lot of them can be avoided, fixed, or resolved using many different methods and techniques. 1.  Infidelity Infidelity is one of the most common marriage problems in relationships. It includes cheating and having emotional affairs. Other instances that are included …

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Why is paternity fraud high in Nigeria? The answer to this is complex trust me.

paternity test Credit:Google

The answer to why paternity fraud is said to be high in Nigeria leads to a rabbit hole of complex reasons. Mike’s marriage could have been a fairy tale, but two years later, through a series of unfortunate events, Mike found out that the child he called his daughter wasn’t …

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4 things in a relationship that must be kept a secret to make it grow

relationship fact Credit:Pulse news

Remember There are certain parts of a relationship that shouldn’t be discussed with anyone besides your partner. We have all been part of an intimate relationship discussion with our friends or people we trust before. However, it is important to note that not everything that happens in your relationship that …

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Stunning: This bride gave us the perfect Kente goals at her traditional wedding

kente Credit:Pulse news

The absolute gorgeous bride rocked her stunning Kente outfit with class. Creativity runs in every woman’s vein and we always have to appear stunning. Kente bride Everybody including the groom can’t wait to see the apparel his wife-to-be would wear for their holy matrimony. There can’t be a traditional wedding …

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