Tuesday , October 20 2020

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The 7 things your partner does not need to know about you,please take note

Love angle Credit:pulse news

Here are the things you really should not be telling that your boyfriend or girlfriend if you intend to keep the relationship going. So instead of risking something beautiful over an inconsequential detail that’ll likely not hurt anyone if forever locked away in a vault, just keep mum and continue …

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The 8 Funny things a woman does only when she’s mad over you

Credit: Pulse

She also reveals her deepest secrets and bears with you what no one else can attempt with her. What are the things to watch out for? There isn’t a water-tight system to knowing as women are different in their emotional constructs. Regardless, experience has shown that when you notice her …

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The 7 things men find attractive in women, according to science

Natural Beauty credit:google

All the science-proven things about you that drive men crazy the most.If you’ve ever wondered what attracts men to you the most, these seven things are the answers you have been looking for! 1. Facial symmetry This is when the left side of your face matches the right side of …

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5 reasons why your breath smells bad Pls Take note

bad breath Credit: google

According to Dr.Austin Bad breath, is an embarrassing health condition that affects approximately 30% of people around the world. But what about when you’ve brushed, flossed, mouth-washed, and not eaten any spicy food like garlic, and are still finding that your breath is less minty, more malodorous? Good oral hygiene …

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EndSARS protests bigger than just about SARS

#Endsars Source:pulse

#EndSARS For good reason, the protests have not stopped despite the dissolution of SARS.It all started with a viral video about an incident in Ughelli, Delta State on October 3, 2020. From what was described by eyewitnesses, officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) had arrested a young man driving around …

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The side effects of dyeing your hair will shock you,so be careful

Hair dye is dangerous to your health Source:Google

When permanent hair dyes were first introduced, they were found to have cancer-causing compounds. Basically, hair colouring is chemistry. The art of hair dyeing is all about the reactions that take place in between the pigments in the hair, the pigments in dye, peroxide, and ammonia. And these reactions can …

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