Friday , November 27 2020


4 reasons why drinking tomato juice should be a routine By Austin Briggs

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This beautiful red fruit not just adds a tangy flavour to innumerable delicacies but has several health and beauty benefits to offer. If you haven’t known the many benefits of tomato juice yet, there is a chance you are missing out on something important and beneficial. This article hence, we …

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The 3 P’s every man should possess in a relationship

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There are three major responsibilities you should emulate to keep your woman. She wants the world to know these too. So if you are in a relationship with a lady or thinking of starting one, here are three major responsibilities you should emulate to keep your woman; also ladies, these …

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How To Cope With Anxiety After Husband’s Affair

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Going through an affair is an emotionally excruciating experience that can leave you feeling broken and changed. Here are the signs of anxiety and what you can do to get over anxiety after your husband’s affair. Signs of anxiety after husband’s affair Everybody experiences anxiety at some point in life. …

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Lord God my Father give me the will to pursue my dreams. Say this prayer and watch God work for you.

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PRAYER Friday 30th October, 2020 TOPIC: DISTINCTION DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE KEY VERSE: “Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man… but he was a lepper” (2kings 5:1). TODAY’S TEXT 2 KINGS 5:1-5 MESSAGE One morning in 1998, 31-year old Judas Modals woke up …

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Check Out What A Billionaire’s Daughter Is Doing In Her Bedroom, See Photos

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DJ CUPPY The bedroom is a a very important part of a building. It is basically meant for resting and relaxing. Many other things can be done in the bedroom. Many celebrities do not just show off their beautiful bedrooms but also reveal what they are doing there. DJ Cuppy …

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