Friday , November 27 2020


Planning to visit family and friends this holiday? Know the risk percentage first during this covid-19 pandemic

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Covid-19 amidst Christmas celebration At this point, we all miss going shopping with friends or sharing a meal with family members. Socializing is important to mental health, and let’s face it, there are only so many TV shows to stream. But loneliness shouldn’t be a reason to put your health …

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Unfaithfulness at Its highest Peak: A Man Caught Another Man Eating the Forbidden Fruit of His Wife

Cheating in Marriage Credit:Opera and Google

Unfaithful wife There are lots of reasons why either of the couple may become cheating or unfaithful to his/her spouse. Dissatisfaction or unhappiness due to emotion or sexual lifestyle. If a couple, especially women feel unappreciated or undervalued or not be given enough attention, she can turn to a cheating …

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In this period of time, Men Please Be Very Careful And Never Marry Any Woman That Does These 5 Things.

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Men take note on the woman you want to marry As we all know and we grow up to believe that marriage is considered as a ‘for better for worse’ is a kind of life vow, every relationship is foreseen to last till death separates the couple. Still, some people …

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This is What to do when someone says they want sex without commitment

commitment Credit:Pulse News

it is advisable to say and do what a man or woman’s interest in you is expressly sexual and nothing more. While there are still relationships like this, we’re seeing more people being just content to do all these relationship things, including sex, without any intention to be committed to …

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Things couples often experience in the first year of marriage

Marriage as a union Credit:Pulse News

For many couples, from the first month up to the first year can be the most difficult of their marriage. So here are three things could be a little surprising when you tie the knot. 1. The real extent of interdependence One of the biggest changes that marriage brings is …

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Men Know how to tell that your girlfriend is ready to be your wife.

getting to know your spouse Credit:Pulse News

If she’s ready and itching for you to put a ring on it, these are five major signs you’ll notice. And among other things, the five signs below will prove this to you. 1. She speaks of you as ‘we’ Has she started to use ‘we’ instead of the former …

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Show me your friend and I will tell you your future!

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Define Friendship and tell me about your friend and how much risk he/she can take for you Proverbs 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm Friendship Bond You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. …

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Appreciate God for life and pray This Morning, Stop Whatever Thing You Are Doing And Say This Prayer, 13/11/2020

Pray this morning Credit:Opera News

Pray This Prayer Father, I confess that I hurry through life and don’t take the time to pour out my heart to You. I do so much on my own. My mind runs wild with worries and fears, Lord. I have done wrong, and I need Your forgiveness. Accept my …

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please Note “Cream Can Affect Your Placenta And Your Unborn Baby”- Doctor Sends Strong Warning To Pregnant Women

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Cream effects Pregnant women should always be conscious of what they do, during pregnancy because it is considered a delicate state for the mother, and more importantly the health of the unborn baby in the womb. According to popular online doctor and adviser, Aproko Doctor, pregnant women should and must …

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The 7 causes of irregular menstruation every woman should know

Your periods may come early or late. Credit:Pulse News

Note If you’re eating a diet that’s rich in unhealthy carbs or if you’ve gained weight, your body will produce varying levels of certain hormones, shifting when you ovulate. Be that as it may, irregular periods are not something to worry about since they are not a sign of danger …

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