Saturday , February 27 2021


Maintaining interpersonal relationships with family after marriage is important.

The beauty of relationship and family is unexplainable

Romantic relationships are interpersonal, as well as those of family members and friends. There’s also such a thing as secondary interpersonal relationships. These include acquaintances, neighbours, and others who you interact with on a regular basis. In short, you have some kind of interpersonal relationship with everyone you know. Whether you’re married …

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Single women, why do you find married men attractive for relationships?

singles ladies after married men

This days babes are becoming attracted to married men, and intentionally seeking them out for relationships. Here’s why. Reason Why single women date married men in our society today The obvious first reason why this relationship seems to be thriving logically has to be for the financial benefits attached to …

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“I tried breastfeeding my sister’s baby, I’m wet” – Lady says

A lady breastfeed her sister's child

breastfeeding another person baby Nigerian lady on Twitter has shocked other Twitter users after she revealed her experience while breastfeeding her sister’s child. According to her, while trying to  breastfeed her sister’s baby, she got very wet  from the situation. She also revealed that the child sucked her boobs very …

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Wonders shall never stop- the eldest sister who came for ‘omugwo’ snatched her husband

Elder sister snatched younger sister's husband

Eldest sister, snatched her younger sister’s husband The unknown woman narrated how she gave birth to her second son and because her mother was no more, her eldest sister visited for omugwo. According to the woman, after her sister arrived, she started having a secret affair with her husband and …

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