Wednesday , March 3 2021


“I tried breastfeeding my sister’s baby, I’m wet” – Lady says

A lady breastfeed her sister's child

breastfeeding another person baby Nigerian lady on Twitter has shocked other Twitter users after she revealed her experience while breastfeeding her sister’s child. According to her, while trying to  breastfeed her sister’s baby, she got very wet  from the situation. She also revealed that the child sucked her boobs very …

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Parents Do you want your kids to grow tall? Feed them with these foods.

Food that enables children to grow tall and healthy

Remember Genetics determines 80% of the height of an individual, but the kind of food consumed also has a role to play. Some children suffer from stunted growth because of their body system lack the nutrients that will boost their growth hormones. This article will show you the foods that …

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“Love Is Strange”-See Stunning Pre-wedding Photos Of Plus-sized Women With Their Nigerian Lovers

sexy plus size women

Plus-sized Women Still on the topic of true love, you should know that true love would last because of the fact that love is a wonderful affair. Even if there are certain things that might destroy the power of true love, it would always prevail at the end. Earlier, when …

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Ladies take Folic Acid during Pregnancy? 5 good Food Sources of Folic Acid

Consume Folic acid for proper immune development

Folic Acid Ladies please During pregnancy, women need to take a lot of care for themselves and for the good growth of the baby. During this time, a properly taken diet makes the baby healthy and healthy at birth, so it is advisable to take such things which are beneficial for …

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Ladies this are 5 ways to naturally increase the size of your breasts

Breast enlargement and increase

Not all women are blessed with naturally full breasts but with these beauty hacks, you can give your boobs a much-needed boost. Keep reading to learn how to increase your breasts size. Regularly massaging and moisturising them might keep them soft and supple. If you quit smoking, you spare your …

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