Wednesday , February 24 2021

Ethical Hacking

Nigerian Police Force launches cybercrime reporting portal arrests 3 for cyber-related offences as

cyber war in Nigeria Credit:Lindaikeji

Nigeria Police Cybercrime Unit, INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB), Abuja. The 3 suspects identified as Onwuka Emmanuel Chidiebere a.k.a Ceeceeboss TMT 32yrs ‘m’ currently residing at Lekki, Lagos State, native of Aro-Ikpa in Abia State, Ikechukwu Ohanedozie a.k.a Dozzy 34yrs ‘m’ and Onuegwu Ifeanyi a.k.a SSGToolz 35yrs ‘m’ of Prof’s Avenue, …

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Dear Face bookers:-Facebook security warning: Thousands of passwords stolen

Avoid Facebook Hacking Credit:Komando

Facebook security Stolen social media accounts are a hot commodity on Dark Web marketplaces. making the social network a priority target for phishing scams and cybercriminals. Phishing campaigns make it easy to steal large quantities of login credentials at once. All scammers need to do is create a fake login …

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Notice! See what Google tracks about you and learn how to delete it immediately

Tech Trickes Credit: Komando and twitter

Google Tracking You We already know companies like Facebook track our activities both online and offline. The things we discuss, ads we click on, and websites we visit are all logged and sold to the highest bidder for ad revenue. Facebook isn’t alone, though. @Google …. tracking you … even …

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Be smart -Scam Alert: If You are Using POS to Withdraw Money, Please Do These 8 Things for Security Reasons

Point of Sale POS Credit:Opera News

POS Withdrawal The POS Machine is a small technology of Automatic Teller Machine, ATM that banks are providing for agents to be using to withdraw money for people to make life easy for them. But we have some Fraudsters among POS agents that are using this opportunity to defraud their …

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Process on How to guard your money from fraudsters

avoid fraudsters Credit:Opera News

fraudsters Alert How to guard your money from fraudsters The advent of the cashless policy in Nigeria came as both a gift and a curse. On the plus aspect, one does not need to lug luggage of coins around, particularly for interstate transactions—just get depositors to transfer funds on your …

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Alleged cyber attack on CBN causes stir in banks, others

CBN Cyber Attack Credit:Guardian News

• Executives hold emergency meetings• Economies may lose $6tr to attacks, expert warns• Experts call for proactive measures Reported cyber attack on Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Friday night has caused jitters among banks and other financial service providers. It was reported on Friday that a popular international cyber …

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Technology -China steps up 5G network, builds 600,000 base stations

5G network integration Credit:Daily post

5G China is investing heavily in the 5th generation (5G) mobile network despite fears in some parts of the world. Austinbriggsblog reports that there have been conspiracy theories about the new global wireless standard. 5G is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. China …

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End SARS Protest: Anonymous confirms hacking CBN, EFCC websites, targets more

Hackers warning Credit:Daily post

Government Cyber Security is weak The Corporate websites of the Central Bank of Nigerian (CBN) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have been hacked. Anonymous, a band of unknown individuals, has claimed responsibility, with a threat to seize control of more government websites. Earlier on Friday, they took …

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Tech Hackers hit Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, vows to expose govt secrets

Hackers world Source:Google

Hackers are ready for the showdown in Nigeria Politicians confess or else we expose you all The Twitter account of National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has been hacked. According to Austin Briggs the hacker is Anonymous The hackers put up a message threatening to reveal secrets of Nigerian authorities. “We #Anonymous …

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