Tuesday , December 1 2020

Telecommunication & Computers

True Innovation:-China people are really great, check out their newest inventions that shock the world

China is the symbol of high tech innovations Credit:Opera

China Innovational skills China is the second-largest spender on research and development after the US, accounting for 21% of the world’s total of nearly $2 trillion in 2015, according to the world economic forum A 50th anniversary ceremony for the Shinkansen bullet train was held in Tokyo in 2014. High-speed rail The first …

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Sad News: Twitter Suspends A Nigerian Government Account Few Days After FG Threatened To Sanction CNN

Twittter suspends NCC Credit:Opera

TWITTER SUSPENDS Nigerian Government Account In a move which many see as a victory for free speech and a means to further show the influence of the international community in the happenings in the country, Twitter today, dealt a blow to the website of the Nigerian communications commission, NCC twitter page as it suspended …

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Learn how to Create An App For Free With These Simple, Easy, and Fast Steps Without Coding Skills And Earn Money

Add development with coding experience Credit:Opera

App development without coding experience It was actually amazing when I made my own app and it worked perfectly, there are no coding skills required to create an app with the method I am showing you today. Most people don`t know that they can actually make their own app with …

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Tech how-to: Recover your deleted text messages

Recover your deleted messages Credit:Komando

Get your Message Back How to recover deleted messages Source:Youtube Social media sites were created to keep us connected, but you may find yourself wanting to disconnect for good. Figuring out how to delete your account isn’t easy if you’re not sure where to start.

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Do yourself the favour and get the Necessary Skills To Learn In Preparation For The Future…Austin Briggs

The future is here Credit:Opera News

PREPARE FOR YOUR FUTURE As technology continues to advance and develop, it’s important to consider what skills you’ll need to stay secure in your career. Here is a list of skills you need to learn in order to remain relevant than the ‘bots’ taking over every sector of our activities. …

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Internet users hit 151m as telecom operators get new phone numbers

Nigerian Telecom Source:Google & Guardian News

telecom operators in Nigeria With the addition of 1.8 million new subscribers between August and September, the country’s Internet subscription figure has hit 151.5 million.According to the latest subscription statistics (September edition) released at the weekend by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the nation’s telephone density leaped by 0.9 per …

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