Tuesday , March 2 2021


Reno Omokri-It is un-scriptural to preach against the drinking of alcohol

Is drinking alcohol a sin ?

Nigerian award-winning author and lawyer, Reno Omokri has said that it is un-scriptural to preach against the drinking of alcohol. According to him, the scriptures only warned against drunkenness as he made biblical quotes to reveal that even Jesus drank alcohol. It is un-scriptural to preach against drinking of alcohol …

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See the percentage of women that cheat on their husbands in Nigeria according to this TikToker

percentage of woman that cheats in Nigeria is high

Women that cheat on their husbands a Tiktok video has gone viral after a tiktoker listed eight countries with a percentage of married man who cheat on their husband. In the video the man mention eight different countries with the highest of women cheating on their husband. According to the …

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Ladies ways to get a snatched waist without surgery.

Ladies build that hourglass figure figure

hourglass figure 1. Change your diet Recently Nutritional studies have shown that eating whole grains, fruits and other starchy vegetables help you reduce the amount of fat you put into your body because they help you feel fuller for longer. Better still, whole grains do not contain any preservatives and …

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Kitchen utensils to consider for 2021

kitchen cookware's

Kitchen cookwares Kitchen Utensils Pots I typically get my pots from walmart or winners/homesense I like the masterclass brand as their pots look beautiful 🙂 Pans I have one or two masterclass pan and recently got some Gotham Steel pans Cast Iron I got my set from Costco – Brand Tranmontina Blender I use …

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A Nigerian Lady Begs Men Who Have Been Married For 5 Years & Above To Start Looking At Them For Marriage.

Marriage calls

Marriage Mindset Today, the issue of marriage is slowly becoming a difficult one for our ladies. Day after day, i come across a cry for a husband or a boyfriend by beautiful ladies on social media and it makes me wonder what our guys and men are doing when we …

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The Main Reasons why people who seem to be healthy die in their sleep, it’s so strange

When Death Comes in the Night

Death in sleep When Death Comes in the Night image source:Google There are different ways to die, but in our society today there are some most common death causes that are controversial. Example is to die while as sleep, you may have heard of different true life stories of how …

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Native doctor duped Man 7 million Naira, of which 6 million was borrowed Pictures and video below.

Native Doctor dupes man 7million

Native Doctor dupes Man A Nigerian man Seun Logan has cried out on Twitter after he was scammed and dumped N7 million of which N6 million was not his own. The victim claims the native doctor “jazzed” him which led to them controlling him as he didn’t know what he …

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