Monday , March 1 2021

Child Actor, Ebube Leo Uche lands lead role in new movie

Talented Nollywood child actor,  Ebube Leo  Uche, who is the son of ace Nollywood Filmmaker, J Leo Uche, has landed a lead role in a yet to be released Nollywood Super Hero movie titled, ‘Legend of Gatuso’, which will be made available only on FlikonTv Global Channel. When the six-year old Ebube first featured in a movie two years ago, for him, it was a dream come true, haven exhibiting the acts that shows his love for the entertainment industry. Now, eight-years-old, Ebube is set to take the movie industry by storm.Born by a father who is an actor and director, this further helped Ebube shaped  his skills having featured as a martial actor who fought battles to save people’s lives in the new movie.Speaking on his role in the movie, he said, “I didn’t find the role huge; I have a teacher that taught me everything I know, and the director is my daddy. My daddy felt I am a better actor because I like super hero movies just like superman that can fly and save people.”While attributing his success to his ever-supportive dad, Ebube opined that he has watched and followed his father’s steps, which he is improving on.“I follow my daddy everywhere he goes and so, I am used to set and location.”On what fun memories does he have on set, Ebube says being around older people he can look up to and gain knowledge from makes him look forward to going on sets. “I also like it when I act with other children my age, it makes me happy and gives me the zeal to do more and better.“I remember telling my Dad when I am in his studio with him that I can act better than some of the actors I see on his screen, then he gave me a try. He made a post of me acting and posted it online, which he told me he received thousands of views.  Then he told me he will give me a try, when I am a bit older. When I turned six, he wrote a script and got other actors to feature alongside with me in the lead role.“I have also received nice compliments for the other actors and that motivates me to do more”.On shuttling between school and movie set at the time, Ebube said his father ensure he maximises his holiday period to act on set. While he uses his after school to train and groom his acting skills.Ebube believes his father will love him to take up acting as a career since he has been instrumental to where he is today. “When I am on set, I am bold enough to pull any scene with an actor and I am confident too. When I am at home with my sibling, I play and am free to be myself, but when I am on set, I know that I need to do just as I am told.”While a lot of filmmakers are willing to have Ebube on their sets, his father believes that carving a niche for the young actor will set a pace rather than have him film in just any available movie.

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