Saturday , January 23 2021
citizens to carry guns for self defense

Emir says-Allow citizens to carry guns, bandits not ready to surrender.

Emir insist on citizens to carry guns for protection

The recent Nigerian chairman of Zamfara State Council of Chiefs and Emir of Anka Alhaji Attahiru Mohammed Ahmad has appealed to the state government to allow people of the state to carry arms and defend themselves against banditry.

Attahiru who paid a condolence visit to the Emir of Kaura-Namoda attacked by bandits last week said, “Since the bandits refused to surrender, the government should allow everyone to carry weapons for self-defense.”

He said that the peace accord and reconciliation process initiated by Governor Bello Matawalle would not end banditry in the state because the bandits would never give up. “One cannot make peace with people who are not ready to embrace peace and reconciliation as initiated by the government”, he added.

According to him no single individual in this world is above the power of the government unless the government does not want to act.

He also urged governments at all levels to give the security operatives the chance to deal with the bandits, stressing that security operatives could handle the situation if given the chance and weapons.

The Emir lamented that so far many Emirs in the country have been subjected to a series of attacks by bandits.

“Last year, the Emir of Potiskum was attacked. Here in Zamfara, Emir of Bukkuyum was also attacked and his orderly was killed in the process and the Emir of Yauri”, he stressed.

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  1. Hmmm for this Nigeria.

  2. They want to increase the rate of crime in this country. If there was good security, nobody will be talking of giving guns to uneducated people.

  3. Hehehehe… I tell you say this country no get sense at all. Is sharing of ammunitions sweets and chew gums? They problem of this country tire person I swear.

  4. It is indeed a matter of concern. Nigeria has a big problem

  5. This is war nothing more. Muslims are something else in this country.

  6. No where is safe in Nigeria. It is just God’s protection. The North is worst of all.

  7. Alot of conspiracy in the north

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