Sunday , January 24 2021
Trinidad Funeral rite Credit:Opera News
Trinidad Funeral rite Credit:Opera News

Confusion engulfed As A Dead Man Sits On A Chair, Wears Expensive Suit To His Own Funeral (See pictures and video)

Trinidad funeral

Its a strange world indeed, an incident happened in Trinidad. Even though this may not be the first time we’re experiencing strange funeral scenes, a young man who was dead was seen to be dressed in an expensive suit to his own funeral. As a matter of fact, the young man sat on a chair at his own funeral. The logic behind this act will continue to surprise many people as it looks very weird.

Video source:Youtube

See pictures from the funeral:

To watch the video of these funeral, click this link:

This video has got some people confused. See some reactions Below:

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  2. This is fucking crazy mehn

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