Sunday , January 24 2021
Women now walks with juju men be careful Credit:Lailasnews
Women now walks with juju men be careful Credit:Lailasnews

Deji Adeyanju warns men that “Most ladies now walk with Juju”

ladies walk with juju

In our world today you have to be careful about who you relate with,as Nigerian activist, Deji Adeyanju has sent out a note of warning to men who sleep around, stating that some women are walking native doctors.

Most ladies now walk with Juju - Deji Adeyanju warns men
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Taking to social media, Deji Adeyanju advised his fellow men to be careful of the girls they sleep with. According to him, some of them are walking native doctors that can destroy a man’s life.

He wrote on Twitter;

”Dear men, be careful of sleeping with these girls. Some of them are walking native doctors they will destroy your live with juju & others with false allegations if their plans don’t work. Don’t think you can play a fast one & break their heart. Be careful.

Adeyanju wrote on Twitter that if El-Rufai becomes the President of Nigeria, many people would end up in jail, as according to him, the governor takes delight in sending people to Prison.

He further wrote that Nigerians would be jailed for even the slightest offense like asking why the governor is short.

Read his Tweet:

I will like El-rufai to be President for just 4years so that many of you can enter prison like us and feel what we feel. He will build prison in every LGA. If you dare ask him why he is short, you will enter prison.

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