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Urine color representation

Dr Austin -If Your Urine Has These Colours, This Is What It Means And Here Is What You Should Do.

According to the Doctor, the Colour of urine are as follows;

1. Clear.

2. Light Yellow.

3. Dark Yellow.

4. Link pink/Bright red.

5. Dark brown.

6. Green/Blue.

7. Orange.

8. Purple.

9. Murky/cloud.

The doctor added that urine colour often depends on 5 things; What you eat, the medications you are taking, how much water your drink, disease conditions, and exercise.

He noted that you should be concerned if the colour of your pee is significantly abnormal.

The doctor explained further that;

1. When you have Clear urine, it means that you might have taken excess fluids

So if experience this you need to drink a little or less although drinking excess water is good but you should drink excess when you are in good condition.

2. When you have Light yellow urine, it means you might have drunk enough water and your body is week hydrated.

And it is the normal color of urine of most people who are healthy. You don’t need to decrease or increase your water intake.

3. When you have Dark yellow urine, it means you might have taken excess Vitamin B or been dehydrated; when you have passed 8 hours before drinking another water.

All you need to do is to drink enough and considering the limitations of dehydrating foods and drinks.

4. When you have Light pink or bright red urine, it means you might have eaten reddish foods or taken pills.

You should see your doctor for possible treatment.

5. When you have Dark brown or cola-coloured urine, it means you might have severe dehydration, done excess exercise, or taken some drugs Flagyl or Chloroquine

Make you see your doctor and also drink a lot of water.

6. When you have Green/blue urine, it means you might have taken dyes or drugs like Phenols, or Blue diaper syndrome.

Just see your doctor for a possible check-up.

7. When you have Orange urine, it means you might have been dehydrated, taken multivitamins, eaten yellowish foods like carrots or Urinary infections.

You need to drink water and also see your doctor for a medical check-up.

8. When you have Purple urine, it means you might be due to a medical condition called Porphyria and you need to see your doctor.

9. When you have Cloudy or murky urine, it might be due to urinary tract infections.

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