Monday , March 1 2021
Dr.Joe lived with his wife for a year before marriage

wow-Dr. Joe Abah: I lived with my wife for a year before we married

Former director-general of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Dr. Joe Abah, has revealed that he lived with his wife for a year before the got married.

Dr. Joe Abah: I lived with my wife for a year before we married

He made the disclosure to his 546.5K followers on Sunday after engaging his followers on a discussion about marriage.

The former public servant had previously tweeted on what young couples could do to make their marriage last a while.

He wrote:’

“I wonder what a young couple must do these days to stay happily married for like the next 30 years. What do you think? Ideas, please.”

His followers gave their numerous opinions, which he acknowledged before eventually revealing what he did before he finally got married to his wife.

According to him, himself and his wife were live-in lovers when they were living abroad, adding that he can’t marry anyone he has not spent that amount of time studying up close.

“My Pastor friends will probably “excommunicate” me for this but I will still say it: I will not marry anyone I haven’t lived with for at least a year. I lived with my wife before we married o. It is more difficult for people to pretend for a whole year when they live together,” he tweeted

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  1. It’s very important to stay with someone for sometime before marriage. It helps build the relationship and know the character of a person well

  2. Not in all cases though. Some people are just naturally good at heart. And some are desperately wicked. Living with someone for a year or more doesn’t really make you have a conclusion on the person’s full characters.

  3. Well for me I will say I don’t accept this argument, because for me, I have lived with my partner for 2yrs and he was worst than the person I got married to, today.

  4. Living with someone for a year or more is just a total waste of time. Most times it doesn’t end up well. You can also atleast put up a few test instead to know how your partner reacts that is another way of getting to his or her character, if you guys are compatible.

  5. Marriage is a spiritual link up. Sometimes spending a whole year trying to know someone who you want to get married to is a waste of time. Some people are just destined for you. Their love, their care, all the good attributes they posses is enough to know who is fit to be in your life forever. People should pray before trying to get married. Studying someones character for a year sometimes isn’t enough proof they will be your soulmate. Although most relationship leading to marriage must definitely undergo dating for sometime.

  6. I can’t go with this. How will a lady you haven’t gotten married to, live her home and start staying with you, without doing things properly, assuming she’s living with her parents, how do you want to explain that act. And maybe at the end of the day, you decide not to get married to her, is that not a wasted year or years?

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