Saturday , January 16 2021
Duncan Mighty still feels sad about his marriage
Duncan Mighty still feels sad about his marriage

Duncan Mighty shares the story How he found out that his 4-year-old daughter, Mitchell is not his.

Duncan Mighty

The Nigerian singer and songwriter, Duncan shared a new post on his Instagram page on Friday night, December 4, as he accused his wife of infidelity. He said he took a DNA test on their daughter and it turns out that  Mitchell wasn’t his daughter.

Recall that the singer a few hours ago, called out his wife Vivien and her family, as he alleged that they were trying to kill him and take over his investments. In his new post, the singer narrated how his wife allegedly slept with one Frank and Bright which led to the birth of his daughter Mitchell. He wrote;

“Mr FRANK is brights best friend whom is responsible for taking them to the highest and most powerful JuJu. FRANK and Bright are the fathers of Mitchell as DNA has proven me negative.

On the 24th of Nov 2015 five days after ICon was born i gifted vivian a car that night she accessed my phone and saw a N100m credit from the mallam i sold pounds to, she said to me what’s the money for? I said am building a television station to make Portharcourt intertainment industry come alive, she hugged me and said you are just too humble.

11months later they went to the first juju house and spent 1m which was used to build a hidden shrine, the existence of this hidden shrine is to hide everything they’re doing should in case anyone tries to find out spiritually the person will see another face and not theirs.

Now the 4yrs has come to pass DUNCAN MIGHTY is still not a SAMSON all failed and the main reason am exposing this Evil is because Mitchell’s life is in danger as they are planning to kill Mitchell for the truth not to prevail,, #asamandontkeepyoursefempty

If woman kill you even hellfire go reject you.


Information Source: Laila’s News

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