Monday , March 1 2021
Edo woman protest against fulani

Pictures of ‘Fulani must go’ protest rocks Edo state

Women took to the street in number to block the roads in Uromi, Edo state to demand the eviction of people of the Fulani tribe in the state.

Photos of Edo people demonstrating

Earlier today, a large crowd of women took to the streets to demand an immediate eviction of Fulani Herdsmen as a result of continuous violence, killings, rape & Kidnapping attributed to them.

See some photos from the protest below;

📸: Engr Kelvin Okpebholo

See some reactions to the protest below;

Joachim Onyebuagu: I think it’s time for a referendum, immediately followed by secession.
Lord Lugard’s project has failed already. This country is not gearing towards oneness anytime soon.

Dum Sandra: Fulani herds men never adhere to peace. They will use their cows to destroy crops planted by people. Even the ogonis are suffering the same thing. And when you talk. They will claim that they’re right.

Lion Love: Once women agree it’s over. Thank you mama for coming out for us all. God strengthen you all in Jesus name amen

Patrick Chuks Ogiriki: Make nobody try to scatta dat protest oh, because those women get the power to do de undo, but Dem wan use protest small be4 Dem go enter action

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  1. Nigeria should try and find solution to this Fulani issue. It is a big problem. People keep loosing their lives everyday.

  2. Hahahaha… I trust Edo women. Heart beat of the nation.

  3. It is really bad and terrible what this country is facing under the inhuman treatments of the fulani herds men.

  4. It is so unfair, their acts are just inhumane

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