Monday , April 19 2021
Wife dies of suspiciousness

Fatal accident as Woman driving at top speed to “catch cheating husband” dies.

A Ghanaian woman has died in a fatal car accident while she was reportedly driving at top speed to catch her “cheating” husband.

Accident occurred of a woman rushing to catch her cheating husband, image source: google

It was learnt that the woman was informed that her husband was spotted with another woman, said to be his side chick.

In a bid to confirm the information, the deceased hurriedly drove out to where her source said her husband was.

Unfortunately, before she could get to the location she was involved in an accident and died.

A report on Facebook by Women In Network read;

“A woman died on the motorway. She was going to Tema to verify claims there was a woman in her husband’s car. She never got there to even know whether or not the said woman was her hubby’s cousin, co-worker or mere friend. Don’t allow lies to lead you to your grave.”

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  1. Oh!! So pathetic. She just lost her life because of a mare gossip now.

  2. The way women behave when they hear their husbands cheating, it scares me alot

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