Wednesday , January 27 2021
Diane into nude sharing picture

Diane of BBNaija will be sending nude photos to lovers

BBNaija Diane

The former BBNaija reality TV star made the statement in an interactive session with her fans, which she shared on her personal YouTube Channel.

When a fan disclosed that she had sent her nude pictures to her lover and the said lover was threatening to release them online, Russet said,

Biography of Diane (BBNAIJA) – Paragon Page
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“I am not going to judge you because you sent nude pictures to your boyfriend. But, this is the twenty-first century, you should not send nudes to your boyfriend or husband. Let him see the real things. Why do you have to send the pictures?

If it goes south, most people could be childish and want to post it online. Why would I be so comfortable with you to the point where I share something so private with you and at the end of the day, because we had some disagreements, you want to post it online? The bottom line is that you should not share nude pictures with your lovers. That is my candid advice.”

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