Wednesday , March 3 2021
former football sensation Didier Drogba separates with wife

Footballer Didier Drogba separates from his wife after 20 years together

Ivorian Player and Former Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba has announced that he is separated from his wife Lalla Diakate who he met in the 1990s in Paris and married in 2011.

The footballer whose has been private with his life, made the announcement after an intimate video of him in bed with a mystery woman went viral.

In a statement issued by Drogba in regards to the video, the football legend said he separated from his wife last year.

Drogba in the video was seen bare-chested in bed with a nearly-naked young woman. while the lady playfully sunk his teeth in to Drogba’s shoulder as he scream in pain. However, a representative claimed the video was hacked, the lady playfully sunk her teeth into Drogba’s shoulder as he screamed in pain.

He then speaks to her in French about being bitten, and appeared to say; She’s positive! She’ll infect me by biting me!”

Confirming his split with his wife of 20 years, Drogba wrote;

“I’m not in the habit of discussing my private life.

“But, because of speculation in the media today, I can confirm that sadly, after 20 years together, Lalla and I took the difficult decision to separate last year.

“We remain very close, and our main priorities have been to protect our children and our family’s private life.

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  1. Hmmmm. The issue of divorce is something else

  2. Oh! It is so painful. There are some people who just can’t handle the issue of cheating. Infact, it is one of the most painful thing partners in a relationship can experience. Whether it is in the past or present, once the other person finds out, the wound will be fresh in their hearts. No matter how long it might have been. IT may be difficult to keep a 100% faithful relationship. But if one can do that, it’s for the best. Cheating hurts alot especially when your partner has been faithful all the way.

  3. People should look into the life of others and adjust their way of life if they truly love and value their partners. And one of the funniest thing is that, once you divorce from marriage, that injury (hurt) will there for the rest of your days. And you can hardly find someone to ever replace that true person. Except the relationship is an abusive one. Aside that, we should always Learn to stay faithful. All these ladies of nowadays are just looking for ways to destroy your relationship, or rub you off your integrity. Men should be wise and careful of ladies. If you find that true one, forget others, they are life destroyers.

  4. One of the greatest hurt that can happen in a relationship, is to lose the one you truly love. Or never to be seen or taken in the same way by the one you truly love. All because you broke that trust. Lies and cheating can crumble a home of love.

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