Monday , April 19 2021
Divorce case turns out different

Funny as Court rejects divorce application after wife got pregnant for her husband

The couple applied for divorce in a Nigerian Law court but because of the covid 19 virus but during the COVID-19 lockdown, the husband was sleeping with his wife which led to her pregnancy.

According to a lawyer identified as Fowosere Esq on Twitter, the case was closed by the judge as he revealed the case was his most successful case so far.

woman seeking for divorce got pregnant for husband

“We dey court dey try to divorce you and your wife, small Covid-19 lockdown you go give her belle 🙄Life no suppose be like that nah😁😁.

“But in all, this is one of my most successful case so far. Great plot twist to bring the couple back together. Case file closed. Lawyer to the wife says the baby is CTC of reconciliation 😁😁”

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  1. This is beautifully hilarious

  2. They were not serious about the divorce at first, na show off or threat from one of the couples

  3. Two people living in same house, lieing on same bed, and they want to divorce. Hahaha… By the time body Totori them, dem must knack. Abeg judge you need one bottle of Vodka. Best way to end the case. Lol…

  4. Smiles… This post got me laughing.

  5. Forget all these people joor. That love will always be there deep down. Maybe na the woman no won divorce na im make see quickly carry Belle. Best way I keeping back her marriage.

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