Sunday , December 6 2020
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Credit: Uk search

Good news-Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals battery breakthrough for electric cars

Tesla is working on new battery technology that CEO Elon Musk says will enable the company within the next three years to make sleeker, more affordable cars that can travel dramatically longer distances on a single charge. But the battery breakthroughs that the entrepreneur unveiled on Tuesday at a highly anticipated event did not impress investors. They were hoping Tesla’s technology would mark an even bigger leap forward and propel the company’s soaring stock to even greater heights. Tesla’s shares shed more than 6% in extended trading after Musk’s presentation.

Musk raised those worries with a series of tweets on Monday warning that Tesla’s new battery technology might not be ready for high-volume production until 2022. He reiterated that timetable during Tuesday’s showcase and then added it might take up to three years before the battery technology translates into a new Tesla model selling for 25,000 (£19,750). That would be a dramatic markdown from Tesla’s cheapest car now, the Model 3, a sedan that starts at 35,000 (£27,650) but usually ends up costing buyers more than 40,000 (£31,600). ‘We don’t have a truly affordable car and that is something we want in the future,’ Musk said during an event shaped by the restrictions imposed by a pandemic that requires people to keep their distance.

Besides lowering the price, Musk promised the new battery technology would help Tesla reduce the size of its vehicles by about 10% and extend their range by 56%. That projection implies the Tesla cars using the new batteries will be able to travel 500 miles or more on a single charge, surpassing the distance many gas-combustion cars can traverse before needing to refuel. Musk took the stage before a mostly online audience, although there was a small group of shareholders who won a lottery for the right to sit in Tesla vehicles parked in a lot near the company’s California factory. ‘It is a little hard to read the room with everyone in cars,’ Musk joked as he began his presentation during an early phase of the event that was devoted to Tesla’s annual meeting of shareholders.

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