Thursday , February 25 2021
why people stick with cheating partners

Here comes a simple explanation for why people stick with cheating partners

In essence, finding out that a partner has been cheating on you leaves you with the option of either walking away or choosing to stay. If you ask around, a lot of people would rather leave. Many people often say they will leave a cheating partner because they cannot stand such betrayal.With experience, however, we know that people still stay in these relationships regardless. For some, cheating has never been, and will never be enough reason to make them leave a relationship.

cheating partners

Why do people stay with cheating partners?

The simple reason why people stay in a relationship with a partner who has shown a penchant for cheating is love.

When you ask people why they have chosen to stay with a partner who is obviously a philanderer and shows no sign of willingness to stop, that’s the answer they always hold up and it is really not difficult to understand why they would feel that way.

Love makes people misbehave. Love makes people do things they never thought they would ever find themselves doing. This is not to say all those things are right, but it is just what it is.

It is advisable to love with your head instead of your heart. That way, you think things through and make sensible, dispassionate decisions that are good for you no matter how difficult they may be.

If the reason why you would find yourself getting back with that cheating, toxic partner is because you love them, it is a relatable situation. No one who has really been in love can say they do not know that feeling or haven’t had a moment [or more] of rash decisions when love was strong on the brain.

But while it is relatable; does it make it right to keep going back to where your peace of mind and happiness isn’t always taken into account?

Surely not.

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