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Office romance practices how does it make you feel?

Office Romance: professionals tell us about dating someone in the same office.

Crushing on someone you work and spend everyday with seems like something to expected. Matter of fact, consider it a work hazard.

Anyway sha, I asked people what they think about dating a colleague and here is the feedback I got:

1.Hope says:

“So… my thing is as long as it doesn’t affect your job performance and you’re not acting a fool in the office because the oga is piping you or that you’re eating madam’s ass, then do you, boo.”

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2. Idris says:

“Personally at some point in my life I saw it as being cool. If you find someone really attractive and you guys click, it’s okay to start something…

“But dating in the office comes with a lot of ‘what ifs”.’ Imagine your boss screaming at bae in your presence and you can’t do anything about it even after swearing under the duvet in the moment of intense sex or love-making that you are going to be her shield.

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“However, it has worked for a lot of people, dating in the office, turning into a blissful marriage while for others it didn’t end well. Right now I don’t think I’ll date anyone in the office because that’s a lot of ‘seeing each other’ every day. Not good for my fragile emotional health.”

3.Busayo says:

“What if it doesn’t work out? We all know how something starts but are never certain of the end. If peradventure, things don’t go as planned, working in the same space with the person will most likely not be cool depending on how things ended (not everyone has the mature streak in them).

“Will both parties be able to drop the relationship and its entitlements at the gate of the office building? Because honestly, they can’t afford to have it affect their duties and responsibilities especially where one is superior to the other. I can’t tell you off at work because of work and then you use it to act out outside of work. It’s too much stress abeg.

“There’s too much competition in offices and at some point, the entitlement feeling comes in.

“On the other hand, it just might work out but that will take extra effort and a whole lot of understanding and communication from both parties. Besides, it’s not like they both will be there forever so yea, it’s not so bad an idea.”

4. Abimbola says:

“It’s no big deal … if both are mature about it and they understand that work is work, if they respect the privacy of co-workers.

“But then, only few are mature enough to can handle this I mean that are matured about it.

“So I think instead of having the drama, society just kinda decided to say it is not allowed.”

5. Luise says:

“There’s a rule that comes with dating a coworker which is Don’t do it.

“However, it’s easier said than done most especially when your job requires you to spend long hours and tight cubicles with the same person. It can be tempting and can also turn out to be traumatic.

6. Jude says

“Guy. I tried it. I tried it and it ended in tears. It was shit. You know what they call see finish? Yes. See finish entered my matter. Basically there was no respect, there was nothing… see it was really bad.

“Really, really bad.”

7. Eunice says:

“Why not? Who else should you fall in love with than someone you see everyday and have likely seen “all” about?

“Emotions (and love) grow for many from constant meeting opportunities like you have in an office…”

8. Clement says

“Falling in love with someone you work with is normal, people fall in love in mysterious ways. But most times, it breeds jealousy and for someone like me, I won’t be free. I love my space.

“Office romance is a no no for me. Seeing each other daily can be tiring abeg.”

9. Pam says:

“I think it becomes too complicated and it throws your relationship off balance to be around your significant other for soooo much every single day.”

10: John says:

“Nothing wrong with it. If they work in two different departments and do not report to each other, it’s fine.

“We spend most of our time with colleagues so this is expected.”

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  1. To be attracted to anyone is normal. But keep it cool at official places.

  2. This stuff has caused alot of issues to many, because there is just no way you are romantically connected with someone and pretend to them like a total stranger irrespective of the place you are. Emotional drives will always come up first( like eye contact, body language) so if you can discipline yourself to avoid all these distractions, you are good to go.

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