Wednesday , March 3 2021
I used my mother cucumber on myself and return it lady says

“I pick my p*ssy size, wash and return it” – Nigerian lady reveals what she does to cucumbers her mother sells

A Nigerian lady called Nikki Fefe has revealed what she does with the cucumber her mother sells in the market.

According to Nikki, she picks a cucumber that sizes her vagina from where her mother keeps them and uses it to masturbate.

After “licking it”, Nikki says she returns the one she use in masturbating back to the store for her mother to sell with out knowing.

The lady warns Nigerians especially cucumber lovers to be careful of the cucumber they buy for consumption because people like her use them for masturbating.

Nikki also recorded her mother arranging some cucumbers as evidence to back up her claims.

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  1. This girl don make me hate cucumber I swear. Which kyn thing be this

  2. Some people can be so stupid. How can a normal human being do such a thing.

  3. When I tell you say na fish brain dey some girls head, you no go believe. A woman that cares about her private part will never do such a thing. Dirtness of the highest order.

  4. Hehehe… Bad luck for who buy cucumber for that woman hand be that oo… Na pussy you go chop tire. Pussy wey the owner is nowhere to be found.

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