Thursday , January 28 2021
Immune builders

Foods that help to rebuild your immune system.

Immune booster food

You have to know that Our immune systems are the bedrock of our health, as they are the building blocks that protect us from the various types of germs, infections and viruses our bodies encounter every day, and when they are low, these germs, infections, and viruses have a high chance of weakening our bodies.

However, there are certain foods we can eat to prevent to help boost our immune system, and be able to stay healthy, and out of harm’s way. We will be looking at 3 of them in this post.

1. Eggs

Eggs are the most important source of foods that help boost your immune system. This is because of the yolk in the eggs that contains enough vitamin D and zinc. Do well to incorporate eggs to your daily diet.

2. Milk

With a concentrated amount of zinc and vitamin D, milk has a lots of benefits, of which one is the boosting of your immune system. It also contains other nutrients like calcium, potassium and proteins.

3. Fish

Fish is a good food that helps in boosting the immune system. This is because it contains omega-3 unsaturated fats, as well as zinc and vitamin D. They are not just good for your immune system, but also for heart and joints

These 3 Foods are very important foods that boost the immune system, and help prevent sicknesses and ailments.

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