Monday , March 8 2021
Choose your partner wisely Credit: Opera and Google
Choose your partner wisely Credit: Opera and Google

In this period of time, Men Please Be Very Careful And Never Marry Any Woman That Does These 5 Things.

Men take note on the woman you want to marry

As we all know and we grow up to believe that marriage is considered as a ‘for better for worse’ is a kind of life vow, every relationship is foreseen to last till death separates the couple. Still, some people are engrossed in what is term ‘contract marriage’ but that is less familiar in Africa.

Today, in this article I will be handling five things most women do, that men should be careful about.

Check them out below.

1. Be careful with any woman that visits you only when you call her:

these kinds of women have what they want from you, it may be money or some material things. This kind of woman doesn’t love you, she might be after your money or material things.

2. Woman who nags a lot: 

These types of women can be a thorn in the man’s flesh, and once they got to this stage, the man becomes nervous in his own home, thereby compelling him to start thinking of an alternative of getting rid of the woman. 

We all know that women are a form of nagging, they nag to attract attention from their spouses, but it is not acknowledging to nag a lot, A woman who nags a lot will never admire anything the man does or brought to the house, she complains about practically anything the man does. 

3. Stay away from a woman who loves lies. These kinds of women could put you in a problem because they aren’t responsible. A woman is meant to be sincere at all times.

3. Extravagant Dressing:

Any reasonable and reliable woman will be very careful about the way she dresses, a woman should understand to dress responsibly and matured. 

Note: The picture and Title used above is for illustration purpose and not to violate any interest of the platform.

To a very large expanse, most women that dress Indecently are likely to bringing attention to themselves, thereby making them powerless to being approached by other men. In situations where the woman cannot overcome the charm of the man approaching her, she might fall for it, and that will surely affect her home in her husband.

4. Proud Woman:

Women naturally are known to be enormous of dignity, nevertheless, the case may be, a man should try as much to avoid proud women as they can merely steer to his failure. A proud woman will constantly invite her man to do what ordinarily he might not be able to just to feel special or stand out. 

These type of women can wreck their husbands financially and still insult them. It is to this effect that I want to suggest for all men to watch out for these characters in their women before marriage, so they don’t regret later. 

5. A woman who loves money.

If a woman loves demanding money from you at all times, be careful with her. She could be a lazy woman that don’t engage herself in any business but love squandering another man’s money.

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