Sunday , April 18 2021
Bamiloye advices ladies on marriage

“It is their fault” – Mike Bamiloye speaks on why some ladies are yet to get married

Mount Zion Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has shared his opinion on why many ladies are yet to get engaged to their life partners.

According to him, the ladies are at fault.

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In a post shared on his Instagran page, the clergyman stated that many ladies delay in getting engaged because they did not stick to God’s choice for them.

He said these ladies instead, set themselves up for ungodly and carnal standards that God’s choice could not meet. Mike Bamiloye wrote;

Some Sisters Delay in
Getting Engaged
IS of God. But Many
Sistersl Delay Is There Own
Faults. They Had Refused
To Discern When Godls
Choice Showed Up. They
had Set For Themselves
UnGodIy and Carnal
Standards God’s Choice
Could not Meet.

He also recently said that any sex activity committed outside of marriage is a blood covenant with the devil.

The founder of Mount Zion Faith Drama Ministry said this in a statement titled, ‘The Evening Of Slaughters…In An Abattoir,’ which he issued on February 14 which is Valentine’s Day.

According to Bamiloye who wrote on Twitter, there’ll be demonic activities on February 14 which will ruin the lives of many, adding that some ladies will be used as weapons to destroy homes and marriages.

He said, “Any sexual act today outside marriage is a conscious blood covenant with the devil. Any sexual act today outside of wedlock is a deliberate stubbornness to trade your destinies on the bed of lust and immorality.

“Demons are coming to human markets this evening. Marine spirits are coming for harvests of fluids this evening. Many ladies are visiting the abattoirs of destinies and purpose this evening. Tomorrow Morning, multitudes of young men are left empty and shallow.

“Virtues and purpose plundered and ruined by agents of darkness in pretty skins. Ladies with strangely glowing skins that were borrowed from the spirit world to lure the sons of men for a drain of their fluids.

“Strangely handsome young men from the other side, with electrifying eyes that mesmerize ladies of weak hearts and shallow minds, arriving clubs and bars in exquisite cars and horses to harvest the souls of girls and ladies for their devil master and make them weapons of mass destructions of homes and marriages.

“Many ladies would arise from the lustful bed of roses, possessed with strange hardened heart against God and parents.”

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  1. This is a prophetic kind of view shared. Leaving the spiritual realm, and Coming to the reality of life, there are lots of reasons why some ladies are yet to marry

  2. There are different causes to this. Although most women are really the cause of their delayed marriage.

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