Saturday , January 23 2021
kitchen cookware's
kitchen cookware's

Kitchen utensils to consider for 2021

Kitchen cookwares

Kitchen Utensils


I typically get my pots from walmart or winners/homesense

I like the masterclass brand as their pots look beautiful 🙂


I have one or two masterclass pan and recently got some Gotham Steel pans

Cast Iron

I got my set from Costco – Brand Tranmontina


I use a blendtec Designer 650

Food Processor

I have used my trusted Kenwood for years now with no issue


This was a gift from my LIN family and I treasure this so much.

I use it occasionally when I want to feel fancy. Brand: Kitchen Aid.

Instant Pot

I bought into the hype and got a 9 in 1 pot.

I typically just use mine as a pressure cooker. We’ve used it for rice and to boil eggs in the past as well 🙂


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  1. Nice. I love the brands.

  2. Good stuffs na money oo. But they are really nice from the pictures.

  3. This is cool. Person need to upgrade once in awhile.

  4. There’s nothing like having a superb kitchen.

  5. If you want to know a neat home, check the kitchen and toilet. Many people lack gradings in this two aspects.

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