Thursday , October 6 2022

Know the ATM glitch that gave one man infinite money within a particular time

ATMs make getting cold hard cash from your bank account a breeze. Just pop in your card, click a few buttons and the cash is in your hand. But ATMs can make mistakes. Just ask the man who discovered a glitch that allowed him to withdraw a seemingly endless amount of money. So, how did he do it?

What Was The ATM Glitch Actually?


At the ATM, at first, he wanted to see how much he had in his account but the ATM kept telling him that it could not show him the balance at the time. Then, he tried to transfer $200 from his credit account to his savings. However, the machine reported that the transaction was canceled and then returned the card.

Saunders found that really weird, and tried to withdraw $200 from his savings account directly. The ATM promptly gave him the cash and he went back to drink. But the whole sequence of events did not leave his mind for the rest of the night. When he was leaving he passed the ATM, so he decided to try his luck again.

He transferred $200 again, and then withdrew it. Then he did the same with $500 and then $600, and the money came out again. The bored and tipsy Saunders just kept pushing his luck and it just kept working!

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