Tuesday , January 19 2021
Prayer to round up the year
Prayer to round up the year

Ladies and Gentlemen please Say These Prayers For Protection As We Head To December

Prayer to round up the year

The year us gradually coming to and and and as we are alive most people are not happy. The wicket are not happy and would stop at nothing to see us fall.

Let us pray

Don't dismiss the incredible power of prayer | Fox News
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in the name of Jesus. Father we use this medium to renew our covenant with you daddy your children are crying and begging for your divine protection from the hands of the wicket as we are entering the month of December father we cancel every plans of the wicket in our life’s, any body who has planned death for us we reject in Jesus name. Anybody who has planned dissapiontment for us we reject in Jesus name.

As you have lead us from the begining of the year so shall you provide and protect us as we finish the year in peace. Although the year has been rough father you still provided for your children you still protected your children, father lord may that divine grace continue to follow us now and forever in the name of Jesus.

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