Friday , January 22 2021
Ladies still try him even if he has a girlfriend, he might still prefer you

“If a guy tells you he has a girlfriend, still go ahead” – Woman advises as she’s set to marry a man who had a girlfriend when they met

A couple’s love story has raised eyebrows on social media after the lady advised women to go for a man they love even if the man tells them he is in a relationship.

The lady shared the story of how she met her husband on Instagram and how the man liked all her photos after they followed each other.

She revealed that she travelled from Abeokuta to Lagos to see him for the first time and they had fun. According to her, when she was leaving, he told her he has a girlfriend and his relationship was a serious one.

However, she said that she kept going to see him secretly and that they are now engaged to be married this weekend.

Using her love story as an example, the lady advised her fellow ladies, to go ahead if they love a man even if the man tells them that he has a serious relationship.

“Again, ladies if a guy tells you he has a girlfriend and you love the guy please go ahead lol, anything can happen. ” She said.

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  1. Hmmmm sometimes men who play escapes tend to be maybe you were what his soul wanted. So since he is a muslim expect another and yet another

  2. Only for men who do not know the value of the woman they claim that they are in a serious relationship with. You can only be lucky if they man may not serious as he said.

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