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Breast enlargement and increase
Breast enlargement and increase

Ladies this are 5 ways to naturally increase the size of your breasts

Not all women are blessed with naturally full breasts but with these beauty hacks, you can give your boobs a much-needed boost. Keep reading to learn how to increase your breasts size.

Regularly massaging and moisturising them might keep them soft and supple. If you quit smoking, you spare your skin elasticity which helps avoid sagging and drooping. Gaining weight is also a quick and easy way of getting some extra breast mass.


 This can make your breasts seem to be bigger. It doesn’t actually grow your breast or cup size. Rather, it gives the illusion that your breasts are bigger than they actually are.

If you want to give it a go, stick to pushups, dumbbell flys and chest dips. These are three of the easiest exercises that you can do and they are the most effective.

2.Consider breast-enlarging herbs

A wide selection of herbs and plant supplements purported to cause breast growth are available for sale both online and at natural healing stores. Though some women swear by these natural medicines, none have been scientifically proven to be as effective yet some who believe in traditional medicine, swear by them. Some herbs that allegedly encourage breast growth are:

3.Try breast massage

Some sources claim that, by massaging the breasts with proper technique, it’s possible to cause slight breast growth.

Sometimes, these sources recommend the use of special oils, creams, or gadgets to encourage growth. Though this may feel good and lead to relaxation which leads to an improvement in your mood.

4.Consider gaining weight if you are thin

Breasts are mainly mad up of fatty connective tissue. Like the rest of the fatty tissue on the body, this is eventually lost when one loses weight. If you are thin and have small breasts, putting on just a few extra pounds of fat can help fill out your breasts.

However, it’s important to note that all women carry their weight differently. Some women gain weight in their thighs, belly, or elsewhere before gaining weight in their chest so know your body before you take the plunge.

5.Consider taking birth control

For women who want to prevent pregnancy and also want bigger breasts, birth control pills can be an effective solution for both problems, as breast growth is a common side-effect of many hormone-based birth control pills.

Most birth control pills contain the female sex hormone oestrogen, which, as discussed below, can cause slight breast growth. However, you should never take birth control just to get bigger breasts, as it’s a powerful medication that can have serious side effects. Make sure you consult you doctor before you take the plunge.

Information source:Pulse News

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