Saturday , January 23 2021
Side guys rampant in our society today

Ladies why having a side guy while dating?

Is it ever justifiable to date other guys while in a relationship?

What this means is that he believes it is wise for women in relationships to have side guys to whom they can be married in “6 months” if their real boyfriends messes up.

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The man says his advice is influenced by the number of heartbreaks he has seen among women dumped by their boyfriends. He says that if a woman keeps a side guy during her relationship, she won’t feel so much heartache as she would have someone to fall back on.

Obviously, having a side guy will be blatant cheating. Whether he’s a side guy in the real sense of the word, that is, one who performs all boyfriend’s duties including sex, or one “who fits all your criteria of a husband material but is your platonic friend,” it is cheating.

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If you’re hiding the whole of him from your boyfriend, it is wrong. If you introduce him to your man but hide your true intent for him from your man, it is still cheating.

When you choose to have a side guy, either as a cushion for any potential dumping by your boyfriend, as revenge for your man’s cheating or for any other reason whatsoever, it is wrong.

The intent, no matter how noble or self-helpful, does not justify the act. Things like double-dating and keeping another partner on the side can be coated with all sorts of names and ultra-modern fancy words and excuses, but it still does not make it right.

Basically, if the relationship is meant to be exclusive, keep it exclusive. If you can’t, then just get out of it. If the other person can’t seem to keep their end of the bargain and you can’t deal, then get out of it too.

Male or female, it is time everyone began to take commitment a little more seriously around here.

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  1. Yes oo plan A and plan B. Lol… you can hardly find a true man these days.

  2. Hmmmm. This is not healthy at all. You should be able to handle anything that comes your way in relationship.

  3. Alot of men misbehave these days. You can be committed to one Guy, and he will be flirting with other girls. Cheating is not only when you commit the act. When you are doing anything in which you know your partner will not be pleased when they see it, hear about it, or find out, it is cheating! Some people will have someone who truly loves them who can give their life for them, but if you see the kind of messages, charts, and gifts they give to other random girls who can never be compared to their partners. It’s heartbreaking. It takes the grace of God to see someone who won’t cheat on you. Most men cheat alot. Women hardly cheat if they find someone who cares, provides and loves them truly unlike men. I wonder if there are still faithful men today.

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