Wednesday , March 3 2021
Lady assaults her friend for exposing her

A Lady physically assaults a friend who told her boyfriend she’s cheating (Video)

A shocking video has showed the moment a Nigerian lady physically assaulted her female friend for telling her boyfriend that she is cheating.

A large scuffle ensued between the pair over the revelation.

In a video sighted by LailasNews, which has led to mixed commentary on social media, the unidentified Nigerian lady can be seen fighting her friend for telling her boyfriend that she is cheating.

While the girl who was confronted insisted that her friend’s boyfriend chatted her up, the other maintained that she had no right to talk about her.

The incident led to friends turning up swiftly to squash the fight, as onlookers tried to separate the vicious pair.

Watch the shocking incident below;

Lady fights her friend for telling her boyfriend she’s cheating.

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  1. Nawoo… All these cheating wahala everywhere. Girls these days

  2. Cheating is destroys even the most respected and beautiful relationship.

  3. Some ladies are just used to constantly behaving this way. No matter how right your relationship is with them, they will always cheat.

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