Thursday , February 25 2021
Lady cries of heart break before valentine

Sad Nigerian lady cries bitterly as her man dumps her ahead of Valentine’s Day

A Nigerian lady is in severe pains after he man dumped her unexpectedly just few days to Valentine’s day.

Heart Break

According to the lady who wrote to relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin, her boyfriend dumped her as January ended, thereby bringing an end to her joy.

The break up is coming just two weeks to Valentine’s Day, a special day of love that many couples look forward to.

She cried her heart out because he now ex-boyfriend really does a lot for her adding that now that the man is gone, she won’t be getting anyone to all these for her again.

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  1. Breakups happen anytime lol…

  2. My sister no cry oo… Na because we guys know say, you girls must surely expect gift, and money no dey now. na im make. No worry after Valentine una go settle

  3. Many relationship today is based on benefits not true love. Once all those benefits dies, the feelings dies along with it.

  4. That is my problem to with some ladies, they expect too much… That even when they see the signs of breakup, they feel it’s a joke. Alot of relationships are filled with benefits and burdens from one partner alone which is wrong.

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